Your vibe, Your choice.
We designed a remote application that connects to boutique hotel rooms.
The app will allow the guests to control the vibe in the room by scalling the level of light, sound and smell.
pain points
The unability to control the atmosphere you wish to experience when you come to a hotel room.
The inaccessibility of creating the mood you wish, by controlling the sound, brightness and smell in your room.
our solution
With our remote app, we are offering an accessible solution that allows to control your room vibe through your phone, easily.
With our remote app, we are offering a simple and innovative solution that allows you to control the mood you wish to have in your hotel room.
competitors & market research
Our idea doens't exist in the market, therefore we don't have direct competitors. Our main indirect competitors are the companies that create atmosphere in close sapces, such as fragrance diffusers producers. After an online research we conducted, we discovered that our main target audience is couples in their 20's-60's. This audience is the main audience of boutique hotels, who would be interested in contorlling their hotel room vibe.
colors & typography
thank you for watching.raz granot - dvir frishtik - gal spivak
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