An app that gives a solution to the vehicles rental market.
As a part of a studential project, we were asked to design an application that
offers a solution to a problem.

We decided to build Sherz, an app that gives a solution to the vehicles rental market.
People aren’t making any benefit from their unused vehicle
The bureaucracy involved in the vehicles rental process
The high rates rental companies take from the customer
Scooters rental company.
Allows you to rent scooters in the city through your phone.
P2P apartments rental company.
Allows to rent places
from private people.
Cars rental company.
One of the largest worldwide vehicle rental companies.
Sherz P2P vehicles rental company.
Allows to rent unused vehicles from private people.
Sherz adopts the concept of Airbnb and apply it in the vehicles market. Instead of using the traditional rental concept (Hertz and Lime), Sherz takes the rental market to a better place for individuals with easier and cheaper solution.
Sherz is based on P2P model, this fact decrease the tax rate dramitacally.
With Sherz, you rent from a private person, not from a corporation- this fact makes the proccess more easy and friendly with less documents and contracts involved.
Sherz allows people to make profit from their vehicles when they don’t use it.
Flexibility We made sure to include CTA button on almost every page. This allows the user understand where it is throughout the app. In addition, the explore page can be used to navigate to most of the functions the app offers.
Design The app offers a simple yet fun experience through the design. Our main graphic language includes illustrations that connect with our target audience. We also wanted to avoid the basic design that vehicle rental companies use.
EffectivenessThe app offers a comprehensive solution for P2P vehicle renting. We made sure the user experience is convenient and intuitive to make it simple for the user to navigate through the app.
Ease of memory A recent psychological study shows that making the content on the app more visual than textual can lighten the memory load. Our app includes pages with visual information in order to reduce the tedious experience.
App Introduction
The idea of Sherz is new and groundbreaking, so we’ve provided an explanation for our concept with 4 onboarding screens.
Explore & Map
These are the main pages of the app.
The user flow starts with the explore page,
where the user can search for vehicles to ride.
Vehicle page & Payment
These are the pages where the user books a vehicle for a specific date. The user can also review the owner of the vehicle (Lister) and see if they are a good fit.
Become a Lister
These are the pages where a user go through a process to become a Lister.
First, the user needs to get approved by the app, afterwards he can add his vehicle.
We fully adopted the “sharing concept” by adding a carpool feature to the app.
User profile & Lister dashboard
The profile page includes settings and information about the user, such as number of rides, points, and km driven. The Lister dashboard shows analytics data of rentals the Lister has done.
Thank you for watching!
Gal Spivak - Raz Granot - Dvir Frishtik

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