A division of “Machon Noam”,
was initiated to provide job seekers with the resources to adequately prepare for their upcoming interviews and psychometry exams. focused in the American and UK market.
UX/UI Designer
Redesign components for the company websites. Currently, JobTestPrep has 7 websites that display content in various languages.
We started by researching all the competitors products and websites. Our goal was to gain an additional layer of understanding of both the problem we are attempting to solve and the needs of the user.
I made changes in close proximity to the pages' specification documents to enhance and improve the user experience. In the process I took into consideration the complexity of the user's buying experience for a product of test preparation.

The design changes applied due to the transition to a new content management system called Umbraco 10.
Work flow
There was numerous components to design, therefore the work flow involved building each one individually. However, let's focus on just one: the Sellbox.
Many conversations were focused on the sellbox.
We had to decide which information was the most important.
Would an accordion inside the sellbox will make it easier for the user to filter the precise information that he looks for?
How much padding is ideal?
How will the suggested bundles be handled?
We discussed whether a sellbox that took up a third or a quarter of the screen was indeed necessary.

Here you can see the final sellbox:

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