The platform provides kids with a secure, closed marketplace where they can trade products and learn about money management and the digital world in a clean, monitored, and controlled setting.
UX/UI Designer
Design the various marketplace pages responsively, using a design system.
We started by researching all the marketplaces. Our goal was to gain an additional layer of understanding of both the problem we are attempting to solve and the user's needs.
Although there was a specification document, I felt it wasn't enough In the sense of functionality and information architecture. Therefore, I had to work closely with the product manager to approve the new adjustments we came up with.

The next step was creating a design system and basic components. It's important since it makes it possible to manipulate the design using the primary elements.
I wanted the experience to be pleasant and intuitive, when I moved to the final design, I made sure that the process was very slow, I worked page by page to not miss a thing.
The result
A happy client brought his concept to life and impressed investors with a functional website.
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